Well it’s my birthday too, yeah!

Yes, the end of my “birthday week” is drawing to a close. So sad. But the end has been much better than the beginning, for darn sure. Last night was mom’s night out and there were ten of us for dinner, drinks and karaoke. We had good conversation and terrible service. There are pictures but I haven’t seen them yet. Really, I had a blast, but I always do with this group of ladies. We never run out of things to talk about! I got home a little after 1am. Brianna woke me up and wished me happy birthday with a Dr. Seuss card and a gift certificate for a pedicure and a massage somewhere around 8am. I see a nap in my not-too-distant future!

Josh and Brianna are at soccer now, then she’s going to my MIL’s for the day/night. I don’t know what Josh and I are doing for my birthday. We haven’t really discussed it.

Turns out that mystery subscription to Glamour is my birthday present from Jaci, who thinks I’ll love the magazine as much as she does because it has shoes, clothes and purses. Duh, slam dunk 😉

And Josh got me a Nora bobblehead too, but it hasn’t gotten here yet. I’ll have to clear her a place of honor on my laptop cart so she can always agree with me as I’m typing inflammatory comments or doing edits 😉

So I’m off to go…answer some work emails (I know, I know) but then I’ll be reading, and loafing, and napping and stuff for the rest of the day.

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