I’m done. Two nights in a row of staying out late at the bar and I could probably sleep for a week. And just to clarify, those late nights didn’t even include heavy drinking. One drink each night. Yeesh. I guess I’m not 21 anymore, where I could party all night, drink heavily and get up and work/go to class with no problems after only 2 hours sleep! I need my solid eight.

But still, I had a fabulous birthday weekend. One of the best birthdays in recent memory. Here are some photos from the weekend:

Friday night, Mom’s Night Out. Look at how happy and glowing we look!

We had six birthdays to celebrate in August. Here are five of us blowing out our candles (sadly, the sixth was sick and couldn’t celebrate. Bummer!)

My one drink limit (a creamsicle martini. Too bad the bartender didn’t really know how to make one. Two sugar packets later and it tasted marginally better).

Me and my friend Elise

And me and my friend Trish

Josh got me a birthday cake! Smith Island cake. It’s more of a regional thing, but if you’ve never had it, you’re missing out. It’s a cake that has ten thin layers and can be any flavor. I make one about once a year that’s chocolate and banana (they take awhile to make so it’s not something I do often). The one Josh got me is creamsicle (sensing a theme here? lol)

And finally, pictures of me on my birthday. Well, not quite. These were taken after the bar (thus why I’m looking a little rough), so about an hour after my birthday officially ended. Like my birthday hat? I got lots of comments and compliments on that hat. The gentlemen seemed to like it (which is funny, since I bought it in the men’s department at Target!)

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