I was supposed to go to an art show yesterday afternoon, but about halfway there Josh called me and said he needed the truck to go pick up Brianna (it’s the only vehicle we have that has air conditioning right now). It was too hot to contemplate driving out there without air, so I ended up skipping the art show.

Instead, I came home and did laundry (wheee!) and also sorted out a a huge trash bag (like the biiiiig ones) of clothes to give to Salvation Army. Before I do that, though, I’ll probably go through and pull out a few pieces to salvage for their material. After the laundry and sorting of clothes, I decided to do a few small craft projects.

The first was inspired by this tutorial on Craftster. I have a plain gray hoodie that fits fine but is pretty boring. So after I found that tutorial, I picked up some ultra-soft white fake fur at Walmart a few weeks ago. Now I have a cute hoodie with a fur-lined hood and cuffs. I think I’ll make a spiffy zipper pull to jazz the hoodie up a little and then it will be done! I want to do one for Brianna, now, and also do another one for myself with a leopard print or some other slightly funkier fur.

Then I decided to make two new pincushions based on this tutorial and this one. They were super easy but I didn’t have any polyfill in the house (that I could find) so I decided to stuff them with cotton balls. Eh. Cotton balls doesn’t make a very good pincushion, the pins are too hard to push in. I think it’s because the cotton is too dense.

I also realize I never showed pictures of the dress I made Brianna from a women’s shirt. Here are a few. The tutorial was for wearing the snaps in the back, but with the two little pockets on it (which I could have taken off but chose not to) it looks so cute wearing the snaps in the front!

Last part of my craft post, I’ve been slowly adding craft blogs to my Google Reader. I really needed something new in my feed, so you’ll see more craft posts in my “shared items” on the left.

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