Yeah, as if all my posts on the purses I lust after aren’t a clue? And we know I’ve recently become addicted to Etsy, where I want to spend lots of money and buy stuff. So when I saw this post for this contest to win a purse by someone who sells on Etsy, well, I was all about it!

The contest is being held on Scribblescratch. The prize?

A beautiful handbag, sporting a blue, floral pattern. The handbag is designed by Rebecca Weis and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s valued at $35 USD. She has put incredible detail and love into making this bag. As an owner of two other Rebecca Weis bags, I can promise you that you are going to love it. The bag features bamboo handles and is 8 inches high, 10 inches wide and 3.5 inches from front to back.

And look! A picture!

*lustful sigh*

You all don’t have to do anything (I’ve already done it by forcing you to read another post about my purse fantasies).

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