Sometimes I joke about being a bad parent because I know there are people who disapprove of some of the things I do (not bathing my daughter ever single night, letting her ride in the main basket of the shopping cart and not keeping her face clean every second of the day). But this week I saw two things that convinced me, really, I’m not such a bad parent after all. Now, I try pretty hard not to judge other peoples’ parenting because I know being a parent is hard work and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. But I think everyone can agree with me on these.

First, last week Josh and I had stopped at a small convenience store (to buy lottery tickets. No, we didn’t win. Lucky for you guys 😉 ). I waited in the truck. Parked next to us was a lady in the driver’s seat holding a small boy (no older than two) in her lap and playing with him. No big deal, right? Right…until another lady came out of the store, got into the passenger seat, took the toddler, sat him in her lap and the trio drove off. Please note where I didn’t mention even a seatbelt for any of them, let alone a CARSEAT for the toddler. Yeah, I know, you’re just driving around the block, down the street, whatever (forget the fact that the streets surrounding the store are BUSY streets) so you don’t want to “bother” with the carseat. Maybe your kid screams when he’s in there so you don’t want to deal with it. You know what? Suck it up. That screaming is better than the sound of him going through the windshield when you’re in an ACCIDENT (and who ever plans to have one of those?). And I’ll bet it will be damn inconvenient to visit your child in the hospital/teach him how to walk again/bury him in a tiny casket because you couldn’t be bothered. /rant

Second thing I saw was yesterday in Walmart. Walked into the ladies room and into a stall but stopped. In the stall to my left, a little boy was urinating on the floor! Yes, his mom was in there with him. No, she didn’t say a word. And I didn’t use that stall either because…uh….urine all over the floor? Gross. As it happens, I finished and went to wash my hands at the same time mom and child did. As she was headed out of the bathroom I said, “Excuse me, are you going to clean up your little boys mess on the floor?” She just smiled at me and kept on going. Holy holy shit. That’s just so…socially unacceptable words fail me. And if you’re wondering if she found an employee and let them know? The answer is no. I walked out behind her, there were two managers standing there. She walked right on past and kept shopping. *I* let them know the ladies room needed attention (though I actually have my doubts that they let anyone know).

So there you have it. The two incidents that leave me safe in the knowledge that I’m nowhere even close to the worst parent in the world, even on the days when I make my daughter cry because I told her “no”.

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