In the comments of my purse post, Phyl was trying to tempt me into trying quilting (she’s not alone in trying to tempt me. That damn Jane actually called me and harassed me about making children’s clothes. She’s evil πŸ˜‰ ). Phylis and I exchanged emails offline and I said I might be interested in trying it, if it wasn’t too complicated. I don’t want to have to cut and piece a thousand pieces because I’m lazy like that. I like things to be relatively easy.

And then, I was reading a craft blog this morning, and I came across this fabric designer and fell totally in love with her fabrics. This Chocolate Lollipop series makes me want to buy yards of it and sew a thousand purses. I feel similarly about the Bohemian. But I don’t really need that many purses. But it would make for an incredibly funky quilt… all I know is that I lust after that fabric. Though it is mightily expensive and it’s silly for me to think about spending money on it when I’ve never even tried quilting. And probably I could find fabric to quilt with on the dollar table at Walmart. But oh my gosh, I love the patterns of this fabric.

So does anyone out there quilt? What do you love about it, hate about it? Do you think a beginner sewer should give it a try? And does anyone have access to a fabric warehouse they could just rob for me. I know you all long to commit larceny just to satisfy my prurient urges.

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