So it’s our third anniversary today (to those of you counting along at home, yes, Brianna will be three next month. I’m a bad, bad girl.) I figure I should be writing this long, mushy post to my husband, who I totally think is the best husband ever, but well, I’ve got nothing. Not because I don’t think mushy stuff, but because my brain is tired. I should probably conserve my energy for…other things. Don’t you think? šŸ˜‰

But seriously, lately I’ve been trying to remember to tell Josh more often how great a dad and husband I think he is. Belonging to a forum of 50 women locally (my playgroup), I’m privy to a lot of husband complaints and gripes. And I’m happy to say that while Josh and I have our arguments and we sure as heck don’t have the perfect marriage (close to but not quite achieved yet *snort*), I’m not generally able to participate in the gripe department. He doesn’t treat me like his maid (far from it), he takes out the trash without being asked, he doesn’t make me clean the litter box and he even knows how to do laundry! But best of all, he’s an amazing dad who actually enjoys spending time with Brianna and thinks she’s damn neat, he respects me and what I do, and listens to me talk about things he has no freaking interest in–but he pretends–and he still thinks I’m sexy and tells me so. In short, he never fails to make me feel loved, wanted and appreciated and I feel blessed to have him šŸ™‚ Happy Anniversary, you know who. I love you!

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