Yes, I do have an ARC of Lover Unbound. Yep, that’s Vishous’s book. No, I won’t sell it. And I doubt you’ll find an ebook copy. It hasn’t released yet and no one I know wants to get booted off the JR Ward ARC Express.

Now, maybe you’re looking for a review of Lover Unbound. I haven’t written one of those yet. Friday. But really, are you sure you want a review? What for? You know you’re going to read it anyway. Surely you don’t want spoilers of Vishous and Butch and their homoerotic man love? Okay, okay, it’s not really their love story. There’s some chick in it that V supposedly hooks up with. But man love is so much more fun to contemplate…

Anyway, I call it the JR Ward effect. All the hits I’ve been getting from people searching for these things. I will have a review up this week. Spoiler free review, in deference to JR since she sent me the ARC personally. In the meantime, I’ve put up a fun new flash ad to the left just for all you Cellies out there. The wonderfully talented Anne Cain made it for me. Isn’t she talented? And if you click it, it takes you right to the website. Grooviness, eh?

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