Today I went and had my eyebrows waxed in preparation for my vacation next week (because we’re going to a wedding next weekend while on vacation and nicely groomed eyebrows, as we all know, are a must when attending a wedding). My stylist, Jen, who does my waxing and cuts my hair has been begging me for months to try false eyelashes, because she wears them every day and thinks they’re fun. She’s also ultra-funky and hip in ways that I’m not (last week her hair was cropped short, dyed platinum blond and had one little bright pink spot at her temples). She owns many, many pairs of false eyelashes, including a pair in lime green. See? Hip and funky. The Anti-Angie 😉

So anyway. Today, I agreed to let her give me a lesson and paste some false eyelashes on me. Of course, this is slightly comical as I was wearing absolutely no makeup, had my hair pulled back and was going from there to picking up my daughter from daycare. But hey! I had good eyelashes 😉 The lesson wasn’t too complicated but I’m relatively sure I’ll end up with a false eyelash IN my eye instead of ON my eye when I try it myself (Jen showed me how she applies them by doing her own, but then applied mine for me). I did make a quick stop at the grocery store before I picked up Brianna and I was SURE that the checkers would turn to each other when I left and say, “did you see the weird false eyelashes that lady was wearing?”. I’m also just as sure all the daycare teachers said the same thing when I left. Paranoid? Who? Me?

Major props to my husband for noticing as soon as he came in the door (but which doesn’t really help my paranoia about the grocery store and daycare people). I decided such beauty *snort* shouldn’t be wasted on my couch, so I took a few self portraits so you could all appreciate the gloriousness of my false eyelashes. Please remember I’m wearing no other makeup (well, lipgloss) so don’t look too closely at all my flaws or the hideous circles under my eyes. Appreciate the eyelashes, nothing more please.

Oh, and I took some dramatic pictures of me making sultry, mysterious eyes at the camera but those were a little too comical for sharing. It’s good to know I can laugh at myself though, isn’t it?

Edited to add: Okay, because I’m a big goof and I decided you needed a straight on view to see the eyelashes, I’m adding a silly picture of me. Don’t take this seriously. Or, if you do, don’t tell me.

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