Souvenir of the day: Sea World Poncho

Hey guess what? It’s raining in Florida. You’re probably not shocked by that at all if you watch the weather and see them tracking the TROPICAL STORM. Bwahaha. But no worries. We got up and went to Sea World this morning anyway. Brianna and I both had raingear I packed. My husband, however, didn’t have one (and just to be clear it’s not because I’m so mean I didn’t pack it for him, but because I didn’t know where it was and every time I asked him, he didn’t know either and he forgot to go looking for it) so we’re now the proud owners of a Sea World poncho. Actually, it’s a darn good thing we had raingear because even though it stopped raining mid-afternoon, when we went to see Shamu, we sat in the splash zone. Truly, we got splashed. It was fabulous 😉

So yeah, it rained all morning and part of the afternoon. It wasn’t bad though, didn’t stop us from doing or seeing any of the sites at Sea World and I’d venture to guess that it actually kept the crowds down. We didn’t have to wait for a single thing and the shows weren’t packed. The only downside is that I only have a few pictures–taken with my phone–because when we got to Sea World and I pulled the camera out to take a picture, I discovered…no memory card. oops. Left it in the laptop after I downloaded the plane pictures. Oh well. But we did have loads of fun at Sea World and you want to hear something amazing? Brianna walked the entire park. She only got in the stroller right at the end, as we were headed to the exit. I was pretty impressed that she did six hours of walking. She seemed to enjoy herself immensely, though (I think all the puddles to jump in helped. Though she did land on her bottom in one which made me laugh though she was not happy at all).

We fed sea lions and stingrays. We saw the dolphin and whale show and Shamu (which was really pretty cool). The Shark Attack tunnel is wicked cool, you can see the sharks swim right over top of you. And when we went to the arctic exhibit, underground viewing, we were watching the beluga whales when one swam right up to the corner of the glass. Brianna ran up to him and he opened his mouth and looked like he was talking to her! The people around us were all amazed. It was awesome. Uh. Too bad I couldn’t take any pictures. But anyway. We had a good day!

Brianna fell asleep in the car so she had only a short nap. Then she and Josh went down to the pool for a swim (I don’t really love swimming and I’d had enough water for the day) and after we went to dinner. We were going to get Brianna to bed “early” but… Turns out we had an ant infestation in our hotel room. No, not a few ants. A colony. So we called down and they sent someone up with a can of ant spray but once he realized how many ants there were, he said it wouldn’t be a great idea to spray as much as was needed while we were in the room. So we had to switch rooms and, of course, it couldn’t be right next door, right? Now, we overlook the pool (which is open until 11pm) and are right next to the elevator. Yippy. Good news is it’s off-season so the hotel doesn’t seem too busy right now. I guess we’re lucky there was a room to move us to, eh?

Tomorrow: Epcot. Hopefully we’ll see Mickey because, bigod, that’s all I’ve heard for the past week. “Will we see Mickey?” Yes. “Today?” No, not today, maybe tomorrow. Here’s hoping tomorrow is finally here!

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