Souvenir of the Day: Ha. Vomit-covered clothes.

Not mine, a small favor, but Brianna’s. We got up this morning and headed to Epcot. It wasn’t too crowded and we were able to take in a few rides/sites in Future World. The gates opened at 9am and we were headed back to the hotel by noon, after a good hour temper tantrum from our daughter. We tried just about every trick we could think of to calm her down but two days of constant activity, being on the go, and probably not sleeping as well in the hotel seemed to have caught up with her. We walked, we talked, we tried quiet, and bribes and…well, we tried everything. She was so beside herself that even the wind blowing her hair in her face set her to screaming (I’m not actually making that up). Oh yes, we were THOSE people with THAT kid. *sigh* She didn’t want to walk, she didn’t want to ride in the stroller, she didn’t want to ride on Josh’s shoulders. She wanted to be carried. But an almost three year old? She is heavy. And she produces a lot of snot when she’s in the throes of a fit.

So we decided to put her in her stroller (despite the fact that she didn’t want to go and fought tooth and nail). Success! And then…she threw up all over herself. Yep. Cried so hard she made herself sick. As it happens, I am a mom and did pack extra clothes in the backpack for her, so we were able to get her changed, get her back in the stroller and make our way to the car. Back at the hotel, we fed her lunch (that we got from the drive through) and put her down for a nap. She slept for about three hours. We had toyed with the idea of going back to Epcot since it’s open until 9pm and we’d have had plenty of time, but we scrapped that plan and went to the pool instead. She was happy.

Hopefully, she’s better rested and tomorrow will be a happier day. Magic Kingdom. Keep your fingers crossed.

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