Souvenir of the Day: 1 fan spray bottle. 1 Mickey t-shirt. 1 Mickey balloon ball. 1 Mickey keychain. 1 Cheshire cat coin purse that had a broken clasp five minutes after we bought it. Today, we bought some REAL souvenirs.

Today was Magic Kingdom and we had a truly stellar day. No do-overs needed. We got to the park just after it opened and immediately started on rides. Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain (for Josh and I, using Baby Swap), Aladdin’s Magic Carpet and then over to Fantasyland where we did some Brianna-sized rides, saw Mickey’s Philharmonic 3-D show, rode It’s a Small World. Then it was over to Toontown where we hit what I think was the highlight for Brianna–seeing Mickey and then Minnie and getting pictures taken. After Toontown we had some burgers for lunch, walked over and saw the Monsters, Inc. show (for those who have seen the show, they highlighted Brianna up on the screen as “Boo” and the audience said “awww” lol) and then headed to Main Street and to the Emporium to buy souvenirs. The parade was just starting as we left but there was no way we were going to tempt the good-toddler-behavior gods so we left and headed back to the hotel.

Sadly, Brianna is way too wound up to nap, so we’re headed down to the pool and will have take out for dinner (no way you could convince me to take her to a restaurant after no nap!). The rest of this weekend should be much more low key.

Tomorrow:We head to Daytona Beach where Josh will be in his friend’s wedding. Sunday we have no plans though if it’s nice, we’ll hit the beach since that’s Brianna’s favorite thing. I can’t believe vacation is half over and that we’re done with the Disney portion. Waaah!

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