Souvenir of the Day: wedding mementos (small bottles of wine, a corkscrew and a very pretty fake flower boutonniere). Oh, and one vomit-covered dress.

Yes, my daughter did throw up (again) and this time at a wedding. I’m so proud 😉 but you know, it’s not really a wedding until someone throws up. Even if it is usually some drunk bridesmaid. In this case, the throwing up was a combination of too much excitement and some mac n cheese (dairy allergies). Fun stuff, dudes.

So Saturday morning we were still in Orlando. Went to the Wyndham Resorts (Bonnet Creek) where we attended a timeshare seminar. After that it was off to Daytona. We didn’t arrive any too early. Got checked in to our hotel and Josh had to dash down the street to try on his tux and hang with the groom for an hour before the wedding festivities started.

Brianna and I followed 45 minutes later at which time commenced the “Brianna Torture Hour” because 1) she wanted to play on the beach, not stand on the beach and watch some wedding and 2) she wanted to be with “my daaaaddddyyy” but couldn’t because, duh, he was in the wedding. So I didn’t actually get to hear most of the wedding because I took her up on the boardwalk where she wouldn’t interrupt the ceremony. And then, horror of horrors, Josh had to stay for photos and Brianna spent that 30 minutes waiting longingly for him.

Then it was the dinner and dancing (for the kids–to the iPod with speakers, lol). Brianna thought this was the greatest thing ever and I swear to you, I think she spent 3 straight hours on the dance floor twirling and running around after the other three little ones. And then the vomit incident. We headed back to the hotel after this where Brianna and I went to bed. Josh went out with the happy couple and some of the wedding guests but it sounds like the bride was cranky and he was home a little over an hour later.

This morning I got up early and walked on the beach.

After the other two woke up, we walked to breakfast and then got to spend maybe an hour on the beach before it rained on us. Really, it was fine, because Brianna was in rather desperate need of a nap. This afternoon, we’ll head to the pool. I love the beach but I hate the sand. Doesn’t make much sense, I know.

Tomorrow: Home! And though we’ve had fun, I think we’re all about ready. And is there anything worse than packing to go home?

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