And thank God for it. Though I’m slightly scared of my email. And next time I go on vacation, I’m not going to bother to tell anyone because, from the number of *urgent* emails I got that needed prompt help, I’m not sure anyone pays attention when I send out an email with the subject “I’m going on vacation”. I know. I know. It’s hard to click on those pesky emails and read the details that tell you to get up with me BEFORE I go on vacation.

So I’m not sure anyone has been reading my vacation travelogue but yesterday we went to the pool–in the rain–after Brianna woke up from her nap. Okay, Brianna and Josh went to the pool in the rain. I sat on the covered porch and had a drink. Hee. But dang it, rain or no, Brianna wanted to swim. And Josh is a good daddy, so she got to swim. After that, it was off to Bubba Gump’s to meet the happy couple and about 20 Mary Kay women (okay, it was only like…8) for dinner. The bride is a Mary Kay consultant and a bunch of her friends flew down for the wedding. I’m not sure if I should be proud to say this or not, but I was the only woman who didn’t immediately whip out her lipstick and “freshen up” after dinner. Actually, I wasn’t even carrying lipstick. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I don’t ever carry lipstick. The closest I come is some watermelon flavored lip gloss.

Today was a long day of traveling but I did get to stop at Trader Joe’s on the drive home from the airport (because my husband loves me and there’s not one near us so I like to stop when I can). Brianna is now in bed and Josh and I are laying on our respective couches. I’ve downloaded my email and flagged what needs attention but answered none of it because, damn it, I am still on vacation until tomorrow (picture me stamping my foot).

I only got two books read over vacation. One I can’t talk about because it’s an unpublished, uncontracted book but the fact that I read it on vacation should tell you that I enjoyed it. The second was Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson. Loved. It. I’ll do a seperate post for both C.L. Wilson books because they deserve their own post.

I went to bed fairly early a lot of nights, and since night time is when I get most of my reading done (whether on vacation or at home), I didn’t get to read as much as I’d hoped. I suppose it also had to do with the fact that we had a lot planned during the days. Funny as it seems, I probably get more reading done at home than I did on vacation. Next time, I need to plan a vacation where I just lounge around and read for a week. That sounds fun!

But really, this vacation rocked. In the end, we agreed that we had a fabulous vacation. Toddler tantrums, puking and all.

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