I’m tired of poor customer service, bait and switch techniques, false promises, interrupted service and did I mention poor customer service? I’m going to start the process of moving both my internet and my digital TV from Comcast to a different provider. Why reward a company that obviously isn’t interested in retaining their customers?

So here’s my question, who do you use for TV service? Obviously my local cable company is out 😉 but do you use a dish network? If so, are you happy with their service, with the channels provided, with the pricing, etc? Anyone you’d strongly suggest avoiding?

What I’m thinking of doing is going with Verizon for one of their bundles (phone, internet and TV) because I can get some good pricing as a new customer–much cheaper than what I’m paying Comcast (did I mention their customer service sucks? No? I told the guy on the phone last night, at least. Yes, in those words.) So at least if I get shoddy customer service, I’m paying less for the privilege than I’m currently shelling out to Comcast.

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