Angela Knight is NOT an editor at Samhain. We have Sasha Knight and Angela James (that’s me, dude!) No Angela Knight. Sasha and I, we like each other, but so totally not one person.

Recently, an RWA chapter I’m judging for sent out an email letting entrants know that “Angela Knight” now had the finalists.

Then, on the heels of that, an FLE applicant included a mention in her query letter that she noticed Angela Knight was an editor for us and that she’d met her and enjoyed her books.

Of course, the first time this mistake happened was by one of our Samhain employees who included “edited by Angela Knight” in a print book (Midnight Sun by Rene Lyons), lol.

But seriously, she really doesn’t edit for us. Just me and Sasha, and dammit, we’re pretty awesome so we’d like it if people got our names right 😉

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