Another hodge podge post. Yesterday I got Mormons, today Jehovah’s Witnesses. Do you think it’s the witch Halloween plaque I have hanging on the front door? And will I go to hell for throwing away religious literature?

In other news, I’m just finally catching up on my blog feeds. I had over 500 accumulate over vacation. Keep in mind I subscribe to a lot of craft blogs, so that was a good half. I love the craft blogs. I found something that sent a *ding* in my head. Someone had made a Halloween Countdown Calendar, which I thought was so cute. But about a month ago, I was searching and searching for an advent calendar I could make. I found a few but none that really resonated with me. I was frustrated and couldn’t believe how hard this was to find. Well, silly me, on the theme of religion it turns out that duh! Advent calendars have religious connotations. So today, after seeing the Halloween Countdown Calendar, I searched for Christmas Countdown Calendar. Ta da! I found several I can use. See, just the fact that I had the religious one in my head should mean the Mormons and JWs can skip my house.

As far as other crafts go, I’ve actually made several purses in the past few weeks. Playing with just basic patterns. I do have a different, slightly more complicated pattern I’m going to try at some point (the Wasp bag. You can Google it).

In the wings I have an outfit for Brianna that I’m going to attempt, from some cheap denim I picked up at Walmart. And I’m going to make a quilt. A patchwork quilt to start because it requires very little planning on my part. Just squares (which I admit to buying pre-cut because I hate cutting out patterns or fabric of any kind) and straight lines. If I can do that and enjoy it, I’ll move on to the Yellow Brick Road pattern a blog reader sent me (thank you, Phyl!) I’m hoping with the cutting part out of the way, I’ll enjoy it more (I like the sewing part best because, duh, it’s where you see things really come together and I’m impatient that way).

And at some point I’m going to go back to my recycled/fused plastic bags project. I got frustrated by a botched attempt at fusing but after reading up further, it looks as though it’s really trial and error until you get it right. Trial and error, I can do. Anyone out there working on something crafty?

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