So I’ve started going back to the gym. Basically it’s because I don’t fit into some of my pants and it makes me upset. Especially when some of those pants haven’t been worn yet (because they were bought at the end of last season for this fall. Bummer.) And because I really do like working out, it does help with my stress, my mood and my outlook. But I always feel as if it’s an hour or two of work time I’m losing. That’s the mindset I have to break.

Anyway, part of the way I’ve motivated myself is the knowledge that I have 40-60 minutes to catch up on a TV show (I stole the idea from Larissa Ione. She blogged about it once) because I watch TV otherwise…not at all (except for sports). But there are shows that I enjoy. I take my Zen video player, prop it in front of me on the elliptical or stationary bike and off I go.

Unfortunately, I’m watching season three of Doctor Who, I’m on episode six and the whole season is so boring it’s not providing much motivation. I hate Martha Jones and I’m not finding the episodes or the interaction between her and the Doctor interesting at all. I think I miss Rose. But instead of getting into the show, I’m looking at how much longer I have on the machine. Kind of defeats the purpose.

So, I think I need to choose a different show to watch. Here are my options:

1) Start re-watching Buffy. (the rest are all new-to-me shows)
2) Battlestar Galactica Season One
3) Farscape Season One
4) Heroes Season One
5) Space Above and Beyond
6) Earth 2
7) Cleopatra 2525
8) Something else not on my list that I absolutely must use to entertain myself while working out

And yes, there is a theme with the proposed TV shows. All some type of fantasy/paranormal/futuristic show. I’m not big on dramas to start with and for working out…not at all.

At the same time, there are times I like to listen to dance/fast paced music when I work out. What are some of your favorite dance songs and/or work out songs? I listen to all genres of music, so you can recommend anything.

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