This weekend was a busy weekend. Not working. I worked basically not at all, which is a good thing because really, I need to take weekends off so my head doesn’t explode.

Friday night we got Brianna dressed in her Halloween costume (she’s going as a witch) and took her to the local zoo, where they were doing a special Halloween event. My daughter, she looked absolutely adorable in her outfit. I didn’t get any good pictures to share but we still have Halloween for that so I’m not too worried. The event itself was a bit…lame, but Brianna was happy to be out doing something. We took her to the mall after for dinner and playtime in the kids’ area. She had a blast, I got to shop (it’s been literally months since I was last in the mall for anything, let alone shopping) and we got home after nine. Way past her bedtime!

Saturday it was up for soccer. She’d invited my in-laws to come and watch her. I went and worked out while she and Josh went to soccer practice and when Josh came home he had…no Brianna. She’d played my in-laws and convinced them to take her. They’re moving in a few weeks so they’d previously said they wouldn’t be able to watch her because they had to get some things done (my FIL is living 7 hours away so they need to take advantage of his home time). But no one can resist the power of the baby blues, so Brianna got her way. Josh and I went out to lunch and ran some errands, then dashed home to change, grab some clothes for Brianna then go pick her up and head to DC for the DC United/Chicago Fire game. This was fun, but Brianna was only interested in seeing Talon (the DC mascot) at the beginning of the game and then she could have cared less. As soon as the game started she looked at me and asked if it was time to go home. Err, yeah. It was another late night for her–we didn’t get home until 11:30 and she would NOT sleep in the car! I don’t know why, but this isn’t the first time we’ve driven home at night and she’s stayed wide awake.

Sunday Josh went racing so Brianna and I slept in (she slept in late!) and when she woke up, she and I went to breakfast and then to a local pumpkin patch for some fall fun. We did a hayride, fed some goats, got her face painted (the first time ever!), bought pumpkins, did a straw maze and generally had a great time. We were out there for hours. When we got home, she took a loooong nap. Here’s some fun pictures from Sunday:

So I’ll try to be more interesting this week but really…I make no promises.

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