For some reason, I’ve been having a lot of cravings for rice lately. I’m not sure why. And not just any rice, it has to be sticky rice (like Chinese/Japanese rice) and it’s even better if I can sprinkle it with rice vinegar and wrap it in some nori. Yum. I could eat that every day.

But I’ve been exercising for three weeks now and I haven’t lost one. single. pound. I’m doing 50 minutes of exercise and the only noticeable difference I’ve seen is that it’s getting easier to maintain my heart rate, I don’t breathe as hard or feel like giving up after 10 minutes. Other than that, to look at me you wouldn’t know I’ve been exercising and you can’t tell it from the scale, either. Did I mention not one single pound lost? Do you know how discouraging that is after 3 weeks? Is ONE pound so much to ask?

The truth is, I’m not so concerned about losing weight (since I’m not overweight) as I am with losing the flab. But I don’t think my flab is just going to magically transform itself into muscle mass, either, so I’d like to see at least a few pounds lost, to see some progress. But I think all that rice is sticking with me (ha ha).

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