I know a lot of people would rather hide the fact that they messed up. But not me, oh noes. I’m all for publicly humiliating myself on my blog 😉

Really, I thought some of you might be glad to know that 1) editors aren’t perfect and 2) I in particular have no illusions of being perfect. I mess up all the time. Sometimes it’s little things, easily fixed. Sometimes it’s big things that cause problems for not just me, but for someone else. This time, it was a big one and I’m just mad at myself. Luckily, it’s something that is fixable (and I’ve already fixed it) but grrr, it just ticks me off when I mess up.

I know, as I train the new editors, they get frustrated because there is so much to learn and it’s easy to get things confused, forget something or just plain get it wrong. I keep telling them it happens and that eventually, it will all get easier, but I don’t think they believe me. And I keep reminding them that even I mess it up. I don’t tell them the real truth: that I mess up just to make them feel better and really, I am perfect. Bwah. Sounds good, though, doesn’t it?

Oh, and to really make this a fun post, I’ll also admit that sometimes…*looking around to whisper*…sometimes, I’m even wrong about stuff, too. *gasp*

For those of you wondering what it is I did that I’m so mad at myself for, I deleted all of the italics from the formatting of a book, without realizing it, and then sent it for final formatting. Garrrrrgh.

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