Editing works both the same and differently for me with each book and each author. Some books, I sit down, I read, and the story, the characters, the plot, they all flow. I feel like a failure as an editor because the book required little from me. Of course, every editor wants each book they edit to be like this, but still, I feel like my authors are silently wondering (or wondering on IM to their friends) if I even know how to do my job. It’s a kind of twisted logic.

But some books are harder. They require a lot more thinking, for whatever reason. Maybe the plot isn’t quite working, it has a hole, the characters needs some fleshing out or something is missing from the story. I find myself getting up, taking breaks, making a lot more notes both to myself and to the author. I don’t send a book or edits to an author as soon as I finish because I need to process. I’ll think about it as I get ready for bed, as I work out, as I drive Brianna to daycare. It’s during these times that I often can visualize what needs to be fixed or the exact suggestion I need to make. These books take more time, more energy, and more thought, but it’s with these that I feel I’ve actually made a difference, earned my title, so to speak.

Do I have a preference? Eh, that would be a trick question 😉 Do I love all books equally? No, I don’t think it’s like children. There are some books I just feel, love and almost bond with more than others. I can’t point to a particular reason for it. And it’s just as likely to be the ones that take the most effort as it is to be the ones that I could almost sign and publish without editing (we don’t do that, in case you’re wondering. Yikes, no!) I can never predict when I’m going to feel more passion for one book than for another. And no, I’m not telling which those might be. Ever.

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