I have dog lust. For months now I’ve talked about wanting a dog (I’ll be just about anyone I talk to with any sort of regularity can confirm this). My husband is less than crazy about this, but has mostly humored me. About once a month I end up on petfinders.com looking at the dogs in the area and forcing my husband to look at pictures of the cutest, or reading their descriptions aloud to him. A few weeks ago, he really walked on the wild side and allowed me into a pet store. I think he felt safe because he knows there’s no way in hell I’d ever buy a dog from the pet store. But still, it made me want.

Now, on one hand, if I think about, I realize that having a dog will take a lot of work, and time, and commitment and God knows, I already have a few things that already require all of the above. But on the other hand, months have gone by and dammit, I haven’t changed my mind. I still want a dog. For one thing, I’m home by myself all day and while we do have cats, they’re not that interested in spending time with me for the most part. For another, I’ve always loved having a dog and I miss that.

But, I’ve promised my husband I won’t get a dog unless he’s on board with it (which appears about as likely to happen as me suddenly winning the lottery) because I’d need to depend on him to care for it when I travel. *sigh*

I did suggest last night (after a good hours spent browsing Pet Finder) that I could go volunteer at the local animal shelter for a few hours a week, to get my dog fix there, but you know who quickly nixed that idea. He said it would make me too sad. I think he’s afraid he’d end up with five dogs instead of just one.

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