It’s still early afternoon and I’m already exhuasted. I stayed up late working because I knew today would be mostly shot. Yesterday was a wash for work, too, because I had to take Brianna to her 3 year check up. So late nights have been called for, to keep up.

This morning I went and worked out then headed to Brianna’s daycare where I was going to just stop and watch their Halloween parade. Ha. I finally left an hour and a half later. Good thing I went. They needed the extra adult bodies. Her daycare is on a college campus and they took the kids (all dressed up) through each of the buildings, trick or treating. Each kid ended up with two bags full of loot. I helped wrangle my own child and another little girl, so by the end of the hour long walk, I was hauling four bags of treats, one witch’s hat, a fairy wand and a fairy wreath. And a camera. I think I could have skipped the gym work out, if I’d known I’d be getting that much exercise!

The kids had a great time and they really came away with a ton of stuff. Toys, hair bobs, playdoh, bubbles, candy, cookies, popcorn, pretzels, stickers and soo much more. We could skip trick or treating tonight and I wouldn’t feel guilty at all! But it’s not to be. I have to pick Brianna up from daycare this afternoon and head over to my in-laws. We trick or treat every year in their neighborhood (though they’re moving in a few weeks so this is the last year) and this year they’re having a Halloween/going away party. Then we’re leaving Brianna with them for the night and heading out for date night. I’m sure our favorite bar will be crazy since there’s a costume contest for cash prizes. Did I mention that I’m already in need of a nap?

This year we seem to really have gotten into the spirit of Halloween. We decorated, carved pumpkins, went to a pumpkin patch, did a hayride, did three or four local celebrations. It’s fun to have a toddler in my area, at this time of the year, because there’s something to do every weekend for almost two months. We’re not going to know how to act once Halloween is over!

Have a safe, happy and fun Halloween!

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