I spent some time today playing with my Now Reading plugin. I wanted to differentiate, on the sidebar, between books I’m reading for the first time and those I’m rereading. I also added a page for my library (and am quite proud of myself for figuring out how to do that, thank you very much) so it can be easily accessed (at least by me) from the top of the blog. I customized my library look just a bit, but since I’m not exceptional with coding and so forth, I’m fairly limited. I lust after something pretty like this library page, but I think figuring out how to do something nice like that would take way more hours of effort than I have. But you should go admire it, because it’s gorgeous.

Now I just need to update my blog look a little (I hate the sidebar headers. That “x” symbol at the top next to each header drives me insane. It’s ugly and it must die soon). Plus, I need to look at the theme and get rid of the black box that shows up when you hover over a link. Probably it’s time I got rid of these things that have bothered me, since I’ve been using this plugin for months. And I have a plan to add a page with books edited. Some day it will even have links. And maybe covers. Oooh, now I’m getting ambitious 😉

Last, and most frightening, I need to update to the newest WordPress. Eek. Yeah, I’ll get to that…uh…soon.

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