When the Samhain editor’s loop was first created it wasn’t a real exciting place to be. Mostly business emails and there were only a very few of us on the list. Actually, at this time two years ago, I may have been the sole editor still, lol. I was on my own for a few months. But now there are 14 editors on that loop along with Marty, our author liaison, and Crissy, the publisher. It’s a much more interesting place to be these days. So, periodically, I thought I’d give you a little update of some of the things (but not all, so sorry, lol) we’re talking about there. Now the editors are really going to be nervous and afraid I’ll quote them!

*Plot devices: In a historical, a woman masquerading as a boy, to protect herself. Of course, the hero has an unexplained attraction to her. Our discussion was about how it works, whether it works and some old books that used that device were even mentioned. End result: To an editor we agreed it depended on the execution. And when the hero finds out the young boy isn’t a boy but a woman. Before or after some hanky panky?

Threesomes: do they need to end in a HEA for the threesome or can they end in a twosome? End result: Again, depends on the story and the execution. Samhain has published books in the past that are threesomes ending in a twosome. Sometimes, it’s what the story demands.

Rape or forced seduction? End result: A long and interesting discussion on rape versus forced seduction that included how romances have evolved in the past 30 years and that what was acceptable in older books may no longer be as easily accepted by current readers.

*Grammar: Dialogue tags/action tags and punctuation. End result: Yuck.
British terms used in a book. The editor was wondering if they were easily recognizable to US readers? End result: all but, I think, one seemed recognizable either because they were common or definable by context.
Googled or googled? End result: googled according to Dictionary.com

Secret Elfs. What? That’s business! End result: We like to feel loved, even if we have to do it for each other so we’re doing a secret elf exchange.
Editors. End result: We have an editor who’s sick so I reassigned some authors/manuscripts. I am going to hire one or two new editors after the first of the year (because I refuse to do hiring over the holidays again, like I did last year, because I like to enjoy my holidays sometimes πŸ˜‰ ) I’m going to be particularly interested in applicants who aren’t actively pursuing a career in writing, but who just want to be editors. Like me! We are still hiring for final line editors. That’s an ongoing process.
Submissions. End result: Sometimes we get some…interesting submissions. We do discuss them *gasp* (do you think that’s a trade secret I’m not supposed to give away?)
Milestone: One of our editors turned in her completed 100th book!

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