And it said “omg, Angie, I just got offered a contract with Berkley Heat.”

To which I immediately replied, “omg, omg, omg that’s so awesome. Yay yayy!” with lots of exclamation marks (which means you know that I thought it was awesome because anyone who reads this blog knows that you’ll die once you use up your allotment).

And I’ve been kind of squeeing and grinning about this news all day, hoping I wouldn’t have to keep it to myself for long. And thank God I don’t so…

Huge congratulations to Lauren Dane on her first solo New York contract. Very well deserved! I’m thrilled/excited/proud for you! (and alternately a little disgusted with you for ever thinking you should give up. Twit.). I can’t wait to read your New York books. Congratulations!!

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