That’s the sound of…hm. The hotel room fan running.

I’m attending the Chesapeake RWA conference this week just outside of Norfolk, Virginia. I drove down this afternoon (with a short detour through Virginia Beach to stop at Borders). Now I’m all alone in my hotel room. On my king bed that someone else made. In the quiet. Aaaaah.

lol, the reason I’m making such a big deal about it is because on my playgroup board, we are having a discussion today about being alone, if you enjoy alone time and what you’re comfortable doing by yourself. Me? I LOVE alone time. I think that’s why working at home works for me. I do well with just me, the quiet, my thoughts and the computer. Not that I don’t like people, but I like being on my own as well.

Since I was once married to a pilot and have moved (both with him as well as by myself) several times to places where I knew no one, I’m totally comfortable on my own. I don’t mind doing dinner, movies, a bar or whatever by myself. I like to people watch and am curious about things, so I can entertain myself without any help 😉

I realize that not everyone is as comfortable as I am being on their own (not to say I want to be myself 100% of the time. No way! In fact, I could have stayed tomorrow night as well, but I’m driving home instead. To be with my family. ) but it never really occurred to me that some people don’t like to be alone at all. I’m sure my way of thinking is just as alien to them as theirs is to me.

But in the meantime, I’m here and loving it. Did I mention the clean bed? And the clean bathroom. No dishes, no laundry, no picking up I need to do. Just me and a rather huge room, all by myself. Almost as good as my trip to New Jersey last month (where I somehow ended up with a SUITE all to myself!). Ahh, life is good. But I still miss you, honey 😉

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