Special hat tip to Jaci for telling me about these and giving me the links because she knows I’ve been loving on some Harlequin books lately (because they’re easy to read in an hour at night in bed).

You can download two free Harlequin Mini’s at Fictionwise right now. Both come in between 10-12k (just a bit shorter than Samhain’s shortest short stories) and would be perfect for reading while you’re standing in line to see Santa. Or while you’re in line to get into Walmart at 5am on Black Friday. Or while your husband is cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Or, you know, when you’re supposed to be working but would rather be reading 😉

The ultra-cool thing is that they have them available in many formats, including the Sony Reader format and the Ebookwise formats!

The Mistress’s Secret by Julia James

Wrapped and Ready by Julie Kenner

Fictionwise Exclusive: First Ever MultiFormat Harlequin Romance Novelets, FREE!

For a limited time we have two free sizzling novelets from Harlequin in convenient MultiFormat: The Mistress’s Secret by Julia James and Wrapped and Ready by Julie Kenner. Don’t wait to scoop up these free Harlequins, also free of pesky DRM! Did we mention they’re free? And with this promotion we’ve also included 7 additional Harlequin titles with 50% Micropay rebates!

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