This past weekend I did quite a bit of sewing, considering I hadn’t had my sewing machine out in almost 2 months. Saturday, I had a baby shower to attend for 4 women, and I wanted to put something cute in the baskets for them. So I made frog softies on Friday night. They’re not at all baby safe, but they’re cute, so I made them anyway 😉 The green ones are lime green fleece. They’re filled with lentil beans. I want to make one and try it with fiberfill, just to see. I still have four of these left because, well, only four pregnant ladies, remember?

Then, I decided that I’d had my quilt squares sitting around for long enough, so I started on the quilt I’ve been saying I’m going to make. This is half of the finished piece (it’s twice as long as this, just folded over the chair). Obviously, it’s not a quilt yet. I’m going to make three more panels like this. Then the outside edge pieces. Then, uh, I’ll have to figure out what I’m supposed to do next, lol.

Last, I found this cute tutorial for a scoodie so I made Brianna one. After a false start (where I made the first hood part too small and had to relegate that to the scrap pile) I think it turned out kind of cute. The scarf seems a little too bulky (the scarf is fleece on one side and ultra soft fun fur on the other) and not quite long enough for her to wrap, so I’m going to add a button to the front of the scarf so she can fasten it. That way it stays on if the hoodie falls off while she’s playing. Now that I’ve got the pattern all figured out, I’m going to try one for myself. One note: if you follow the tutorial and then look at my pictures, you’ll see that mine is slightly different. I did my hood in a three piece design (after I scrapped the first hood that was too small) because I found the two piece design didn’t lay as flat on the back of the head and was harder to sew. Adding this piece was really easy and I thought made the hood look even nicer/have a better shape.

My next projects (in addition to the ongoing quilt and the scoodie for myself) are a purse that I need to finish for a Christmas present, a square a week quilt-a-long that I’d like to participate in, a purse I’ve been wanting to make for myself, some tissue holders and a pattern for an outfit for Brianna that Jane sent me 2 months ago but that I’m intimidated to try because it’s clothes. And it involves ruffles.

Sewing, I’ve discovered, is something that kind of…takes me outside the worrying. Because I’m not a spacial person, any time I do a new project, it requires concentration, because otherwise I’ll mess it up (I actually did this with the hoods, sewing the lining in the wrong way). So I like it for that reason. Plus, I can’t sew a straight line so I have to concentrate or have it going all over the place.

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