Thanks to everyone who posted/emailed their well wishes for Oliver.

After he spent the day at the vet yesterday, he’s back home now. The vet was very pleased with how well he responded to treatment yesterday, so Oliver even got to come home a few hours earlier than expected.

Of course, he was sent home with four different medications and prescription food (making feeding time at my house, with three cats, a fun time) so we still have a ways to go before he’s better, but there’s a definite improvement! He’s using the litterbox (yay!) and eating (yay again!) and sleeping a lot. But he looks better, you can see some of his old personality, though he’s still being remarkably good (staying out of the garbage and off the counters) so I know he’s still weak.

I’m very positive about this, and am going to believe that the medications will keep making him better. Though the vet did warn me that the steroids will make him present as “healthy” for the short term, even if it’s cancer, I’m going to believe it’s not a mass that they saw on the Xrays (since they really weren’t sure) and that he’s going to keep improving. Thanks again for your kind words, I appreciated them so much!

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