It’s in the 60s here and both Brianna and Oliver have gotten to go outside and enjoy the great weather.

I’m not cooking today. It’s only the three of us this year and Josh and Brianna are happy with just turkey and mashed potatoes (and maybe some green beans). I, on the other hand, want stuffing and sweet potatoes and all that good stuff. But I’m not making it just for myself. So we’re going to a local restaurant that’s doing a buffet (they have yummy food so yay!) and if we find we’re missing the leftovers, we’ll make a turkey next week. Actually, I really want to fry a turkey, but the initial outlay is kind of expensive so I’m not too sure about that.

I’m watching the Macy’s Parade now and hopefully this afternoon we’ll get to watch some football and I’ll maybe get some sewing done! Though I’m not really sure which project I want to work on.

We were going to avoid the Black Friday sales, since Josh has to work and I wasn’t going to drag Brianna around by myself, but Kohls is having a great deal on a garment bag, which I’ve really been wanting for work travel, for when I drive to conferences instead of fly. And Target is having a deal on Guitar Hero III for the Playstation II, which is a game Josh and I have been looking at, so I might send him to Target in the morning before work. Then, Bath and Body has Wallflowers on sale for $5, and we need refills. And they have a fab free gift. You see how I get sucked into these things?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!

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