If I tell you I would be happy to never see another McDonald’s Happy Meal toy?

Starting yesterday, we’ve been doing some reorganizing and cleaning up of our first floor. Part of that included me going through Brianna’s toys today and giving away a whole lot of them on Freecycle. I’ve had people at my door all day long. But as I was looking through the toys, to see what she’s outgrown and what she can live without, I realized that half of her little toy bins are an accumulation of Happy Meal toys. They’re everywhere. And I think they’re breeding in those toy bins.

Aside from organizing and giving away, this morning Brianna and I hit some Black Friday sales. First, I was going to get up realllly early and go to the stores before Josh had to leave for work (he leaves at 6:30). Ha. I set my alarm last night and then five minutes later laughed and turned it off. So instead, I got Brianna dressed and out the door for some shopping at around 8:30 this morning. We hit Michael’s craft store first, because we had a coupon for 25% off our entire order before 9am. Bwahahaha. The lines, oh the lines. We got some xmas ornament crafts, some fake flower/poinsettas to do some arrangements for outside and a santa. We didn’t make it through line by 9am but that wasn’t our fault and they were still honoring the coupon. Actually, the lines moved pretty quickly, I was impressed. Oh, and the salespeople I encountered were very friendly and helpful when I stopped them to ask questions.

Then we went to Home Depot which was a breeze. We walked in, found the santa train for around the tree and loaded it into the cart. We were actually greeted by an employee as he walked past. Then, we were just strolling the Xmas section and another employee asked if we needed help. Wow! We walked right up to the register, no waiting, and the cashier was pleasant and friendly (even in light of the fact that I had a Lowe’s coupon–HD honors competitor coupons–that she didn’t know how to use). Very nice experience at Home Depot.

Next it was off to Kohls, where I wanted to buy a garment bag for traveling. Again, amazing employee experience. Helpful people in the luggage department. Helpful young man in the toy department who offered to keep the garment bag back in his section until I was at the cash register, and they could just call him to bring it up so I didn’t have to lug it around. And I did. And he did. And even offered to take it to my car! The line at Kohls moved quickly, they were very organized, the cashier was friendly as was the lady there helping her bag items. Again, I was so impressed!

Our last stop was Big Lots and dammit, they almost ruined my good customer service high because truly, they were a mess. And I waited 15 minutes at the register to pay for an item that was advertised in their flier. Why? Because it didn’t have a sticker on it. And no, they couldn’t just ring the price from the ad. They had. to have. something. to scan. But when the cashier called for a price check no one answered. Not the second time either. And the third time, the woman who answered was clueless. So the cashier actually left and went to go help her find something. Oh. My. God. Then, to make it even better, I had a coupon I’d gotten off the internet. Oh no, I couldn’t use that? Why? *sigh* have to wait for a manager, who tells me they’re fakes and the person who made them will be prosecuted, where did I get it from? Yeah, you know me, sitting around in my house manufacturing coupons for Big Lots. *snort* So I officially think they suck and I’m going to pretend I didn’t go there today, and instead tell you that Brianna and I had an excellent shopping experience.

My proud mommy moment of the day: We were in Kohls’s and I could NOT get Brianna’s attention. She was mesmerized by something I couldn’t see because my angle was wrong. I thought, from the way she was in a daze, that they had a TV set up with a cartoon on it. So I walked around the corner to see. Nope, you know what my child was enthralled with? A Disney Princess book. Slightly out of her reach to grab, but she could see it and oohhh, she wanted. Yes, I did buy it for her. Duh. And she’s “read” it in the store, in the car, on the couch when she got up from her nap… *sniff* I’m so proud πŸ˜‰

But now it’s back to organizing. What did you do today?

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