I went out last night with a couple girlfriends. First we went to dinner and then headed to a local bar. Not a club, a bar. We sat at the bar the whole night, had a fabulous, amazing, highly entertaining time and…closed the bar down. I got home just a few minutes after 2am. *yawn* And today? I’m totally wiped out. Thank God it was my morning to sleep in (which amounted to sleeping until 9am because I felt guilty sleeping any later). But even though I’m not a big drinker, I’ve still been running on empty all day. Not enough sleep. See? I’m getting old. There was a time I could go out, drink heavily, get four hours of sleep then get up and do a full day of classes AND go to work. Aaah. Those were the days.

As proof of how dull my mind is, I ran to the bookstore because I had a coupon that expired today. I got there and spent an hour and a half. 90 minutes. Wandering the bookstore and I couldn’t find a blessed thing I wanted. Not a cookbook, not a sewing book, a magazine, a mystery, fantasy, romance or book for Brianna. I think I’m just so tired nothing appealed. I did actually end up buying a book (please, I’m tired, not dead) after I passed it (facing out on the shelf) four times and realized it’s a book I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist. I couldn’t remember anything else on that list, for pity’s sake, but I finally remembered that book was on there.

Other than that and making brunch and then dinner, I’ve done absolutely nothing of any real worth today. Answered a few emails. And…that’s it. I didn’t read, sew, or get anything accomplished. What a bum. I guess I’ll have to kick it into high gear tomorrow!

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