Unless something changes, I won’t bore or torture anyone with future updates after this one.

I took Oliver to the vet this morning and well, long story short, he’s probably dying. He hasn’t gained back much weight and he was still dehydrated (and had to get more IV fluids while he was there). When the vet felt his abdomen, Oliver took great offense (because of the pain). So yeah, he’s got an abdominal mass. Is it cancer or is it an intestinal thing? Another $1000 for an ultrasound and exploratory surgery would tell us. The end result is that if it’s cancer, he’d still be dying. If it’s a major intestinal thing, he’d still be dying. There is a small hope that it could involve only a small portion of his intestine, which could be removed and he *might* get better. The vet was pretty grim with me today, which was a change from all of the more positive possibilities last week.

At this point, I simply cannot afford to spend another $1000 dollars on a small possibility. I walked out of the vet’s office with another round of steroids, which will help him feel less pain and encourage his appetite. I also left with a lot less hope and feeling a little devastated. Last week, the vet said “feed him this special food that’s much better for him” and this week I got “feed him whatever he’ll eat”. If he doesn’t start eating more, or stops eating altogether. Well. We won’t discuss that because I’m ugly when I cry.

We’ll go back in another week for a check up and I’m holding on to the slim hope I have that he’s going to get better, but it’s getting harder to be positive. I can do it. One day at a time, right?

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