I’ve been all sorts of entertaining lately, haven’t I? Um, yeah. But I hear I’m not supposed to share personal angst with you guys, so what’s left? Oh, I know! Cute toddler pictures.

Lucky for all of us, there are way more where that came from. One for every day of the week, maybe.

So as you all know, life goes on. I really appreciate all the emails and notes I got about Oliver, and for you guys not making me feel silly for grieving for a cat. It’s funny, because one thing that became clear to us pretty quickly was how much we’d adapted our behavior to having him live with us. We have two other cats, but he was the one with the preponderance of bad habits. Knocking over trash, eating bread if it was left on the counter (or anything left on the counter, for that matter), trying to run out the door when it was opened, using Brianna’s stuffed animals as sex slaves…well, yeah. There’s quite a list. Every day we realize something that we don’t have to do anymore, because Oliver’s not around and isn’t going to get into trouble. Weird. So now I want to get a dog. Bwahahaha. No really.

I don’t think Brianna even realizes that Oliver is gone. Of all the cats, she interacted with him the least. Now, if something happened to Max, I think she’d notice. I’m glad, actually, because this has saved me a lot of painful explanations. But I did get a lovely toddler book that I highly recommend to anyone who has a cat die Cat Heaven.

Otherwise, we’ve been busy. We took Brianna to see Santa last week, we built a snowman, we did some cleaning, I attended a fabulous moms-only Christmas party and oh! I caught a cold. Which thankfully I’m not on the downhill side of. Of course, that means it’s Brianna’s turn to get sick.

In the meantime, Josh started a new job this week which we are yay! so thankful for. If you’ve heard me talk about his job stress hear on the blog or elsewhere, you know it wasn’t much longer that he could have lasted at the previous job. Such a terrible place for anyone to work. He got out just in time to avoid the 17 straight work days coming in January (you know the ones you’re expected to work but aren’t compensated extra for?) Instead, he moved to this new job who told him he HAD to take the day before and the day after Christmas off or he’d lose those floating holidays. Errr, okay. Twist his arm. Seriously, this job is the difference between being treated as a human being with a life and a family, versus being treated like one of the machines you expect to run 24/7 with no shut down or failure time. Night and day.

You see how exciting my life has been? Now you know why I haven’t been posting. But I do have a few editing posts saved in my drafts. And did I mention more cute toddler pictures? So I’ll try not to be too scarce.

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