Yesterday, Sybil, of The Good, the Bad and the Unread wrote a post about the new Julie Garwood book that’s releasing on December 26th. Shadow Music** Sybil wrote about how she didn’t love the book and wondered how it would be received by readers. In the comments, I mentioned that I would be buying it, since I was one of those who’d clamored for Ms. Garwood to return to historicals, and I felt, as a consumer, I should put my money where my demands were. I will also admit to being a little dismayed by how many people said, based on reading Sybil’s post, that they wouldn’t buy it. I guess I’m a bit shocked that readers give so much buying power to one person’s opinion, especially when it’s a book they may have looked forward to, or an author they previously loved. (Note to self: send Sybil better bribes to give glowing reviews to Samhain books and take advantage of the Power of Sybil’s Opinion. Hee. She should like that phrase).

A few minutes after I left my comment, Sybil emailed me and asked if I was really going to be buying it. After I explained that I was just kidding about that, I’d probably try shoplifting it instead, Sybil called me a few names (not shy, that girl) and offered to send me her ARC copy of Shadow Music in exchange for me holding a contest to give away the copy I was going to buy. So today, that’s just what I’m going to do.

But my contest has a stipulation. It’s for fans of Garwood’s past historicals only. I’m going to run the contest until next Monday. At that time, I’ll randomly draw one winner and will pre-order the book from Amazon for you. Since I have Amazon Prime, the book will be sent to you via two-day shipping as soon as Amazon begins shipping it.

To enter, you must tell me, in the comments, what you loved about Garwood’s past historicals and/or why you might be a bigger fan than me. If you look to my left sidebar, or visit my library page, you’ll see that her historicals are frequent re-reads for me. They’re easy comfort reads, when I can’t settle my mind on anything else, they give me a glowy feeling of people in love, and they usually make me laugh. I’m sorry, if you haven’t read one of her historicals, you’re not eligible to enter. Bummer. But hey! The contest runs until Monday, there’s still time to read one and then tell me what you love about it.

And my apologies, but because I’m not rich and because the vet has taken all my money, the contest is only open to US Residents. Sorry! If you’re out of the country and want to win something (and really want to tell me how much you love Garwood), I’ll offer a consolation prize of an ebook download of any historical (including the westerns) of your choice from Samhain to one non-US commenter, winner to also be drawn on Monday. Just make sure to note in the comments that you’re out of the country so I put you in the draw.

So show some Garwood love, tell me what you love, how you’re a bigger fan than me and you might just win yourself a copy of Shadow Music in hardcover.

**as an aside, it confuses me that she named a historical (Shadow Music) so close to one of her contemporary suspense books (Shadow Dance) and every time I see the title, I think it’s another suspense, not a historical. I wonder if other readers will have similar thoughts when they see it in the bookstore?

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