But so busy I can hardly breathe (been doing a lot of blogging in my head, though). It happens this time every year for most of us, I think, wondering if things will ever slow down. That’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to temporarily close submissions at Samhain (thought I’d just put that out there right away). More info can be found on our submissions page but I will be happy to answer any questions here. It’s a temporary closing and it’s our hope that we’ll re-open at some point in January.

I will be hiring new editors after the start of the new year so if you’re interested, keep an eye out on my blog or the Samhain website. One thing that will be different with this round of hiring is that we will be placing emphasis on hiring people who are not actively pursuing a career in writing. As one of my very savvy editors said just yesterday, “…there’s only so many words I can handle in a day, and at the moment they’re all someone else’s”. I often think that the large majority of people who apply for editing positions have no idea how much time and mental energy even a part time editing position take. It’s not something you do just a few hours a day. You find yourself thinking about it, dwelling on the problems with that manuscript, thinking about that submission you’re not sure of, reading submissions in bed, on the bus, at the breakfast table… Editing is one of those jobs that you’re always thinking about. You don’t “leave the office” and leave the work behind. It’s always there, in your head. Much like writing, I think (last night we were out to dinner and I was madly scribbling on a legal pad because I’d had a breakthrough idea for something I’d been dwelling on all day). And it’s very difficult for someone trying to find time to write to find the creative energy when it’s all been taken by editing.

Also, I want someone who can take some of the conference load and share it with me because my family will probably forget I exist between April and November 2008. Thank God for an understanding husband who knows I love my job and want to give it 200%!

The other thing that will be different is that from here forward, anyone hired in an editorial position will not be eligible for publication with Samhain. There are a number of reasons for this but number one goes back to wanting to hire editors who want to focus on editing, not writing.

There are some other changes in the works for us that are going to be revealed shortly and that I’ll talk about later (now you’re curious, right?). It’s been a really busy few weeks but I’m excited for 2008 because there’s so much happening and I think it’s going to be a good year!

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