Ah, the wonders of technology. Between the iPhone and my wireless mobile card for the laptop, I may never be disconnected again. And to think that just six or so years ago I was living without a computer in the house at all. *gasp*

This morning we’re driving from Maryland to New Jersey to meet my in-laws halfway and bring Brianna back home. Even though I was sick most of the time she was gone and didn’t get even a fraction of what I had planned accomplished, I’m still ready for her to come home. This was the first time she’s traveled away from us–usually it’s one or both of Josh and I doing the traveling away. It’s strange being at the house without her!

Last night we did go out and ring in the New Year at our favorite bar. And were home by 12:20. Yeah, we’re exciting party animals. We even each had a drink (actually, come to think of it, we each had one with dinner so we had TWO). I know, you’re jealous of my wild ways.

I’m not making any resolutions. I never do. I usually set goals for myself through the year, but no New Year’s resolutions. As I said elsewhere, I can’t even get Christmas cards mailed (even though I had them printed up) so it’s unlikely that I’d keep any huge resolution. I am planning on getting back to the gym now that I’m feeling better, but that’s just a continuation of an earlier goal and I don’t count it as a resolution of any kind.

And since I am blogging from the road, here’s an odd question for those who live in New Jersey–since it’s illegal to pump your own gas, do you have to tip the guy who pumps it for you? Because that just makes the gas that much more expensive (though I’m sad to say that gas, even on the New Jersey Turnpike at a service center, is still cheaper than where I live).

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