Bad blogger, I know. I might have mentioned this already, but just after Christmas (right after we sent Brianna to my in-laws, of course) I got sick. I was pretty sick for about four days which not only ruined any plans Josh and I had for our alone time that week (and we had a few) but also put me way behind on work. And prevented me from playing with the new toys I got over the holidays.

Now Brianna is home and I’m busting my butt trying to get caught up and actually, get ahead. See, I have a pretty intense conference schedule for 2008, April, July and August being the “worst” months for me. And I know that at conferences I won’t get a whole lot of editing done, so I need to be well ahead of the game before that starts. I’ve already been cutting back on editing over the past six months, but I’ve been thinking about more. Problem is? I love editing, not just the admin stuff. Love editing. And it does make me money, so there is that.

Working from home is challenging. I know that people think that working at home is the best set up ever, and I have to admit that it has its definite perks (no timeclock to punch, no set hours) but you know that also means no paid vacation or sick time. Oh and no overtime. Even if you work until midnight some nights. And that you’re always at work? To be honest, I work harder now, working from home, than I ever did in any other setting. I know other work at home moms (I can think of at least a dozen off the top of my head, who have said similar things). Now, it’s not the most stressful job (working in mental health and as an aid in nursing homes has that all wrapped up), though of course it has its stress, but when I say I work harder, I mean I’m more focused and for many more hours than ever before. It’s not unusual for me to sit down at my computer in the morning and move only to either use the bathroom or get myself lunch, until it’s time to get Brianna 7 hours later. I don’t watch TV. I rarely even listen to music. Just me and the noise of the fish tanks. And then I work evenings, nights (I wasn’t kidding about the working until midnight thing) and weekends (I worked four hours yesterday morning answering emails and the like after Brianna got me up at 6am.) I answer emails from my phone, while on vacation, out shopping.

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about this is because it’s the reason I haven’t been blogging a lot. I have had to be pretty disciplined with my time. Working from home forces that from me because otherwise I would never get anything done. I’d keep getting distracted! Then add in being behind because of being sick, wanting to be ahead because of conferences and I don’t have the mental energy left for a lot of blogging. Or time. I’d rather take that time to visit other people’s blogs and comment, or play Scrabulous on Facebook 😉 I’m going to try and be better about at least being mildly interesting, but really, whenever a blogger has to make that promise isn’t it like the kiss of death?

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