Since I can’t get my image browser uploader to work, and I wanted to share what I made for Brianna this weekend, I came up with an alternative:

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Meet Mickey (he’s the funny looking one we’re using to torment Max, one of our REAL cats). I made him from a free pointy kitty pattern I found at Wee Wonderfuls blog. I’m not totally enthusiastic about the way he turned about because 1) his eyes do make him look like an alien and 2) I’m pretty sure his head is going to be ripped off soon. It was a bear to sew it on and I tried to do it securely but I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I actually have one more of these that’s unassembled (the head and body are stuffed and sewn, but not attached to each other and none of the detail work is done). If I didn’t have to sew the head to the body, I would probably be willing to make a few more. But as it is…I need to learn a better technique! And I feel compelled to point out the reason I’m not enthusiastic has everything to do with me and not with the pattern, which is really freaking cute.

One thing I love about this kitty is the fabric. It was in a box of scraps I got from someone and there was just enough to cut two kitties. It’s a really pretty fabric, though a little too stretchy of a knit to make for easy sewing. The other thing I love about this kitty is that Brianna loves him (for now, she’s a toddler, I expect she’ll move on shortly) and has thanked me at least three times since last night for making him for her. I went in to check on her last night around 11pm, and there she was in bed, with her arm thrown around Mickey. That makes all the headaches I encountered totally worth it!

*edited to add, credit goes to Jaci Burton for the first line caption and Shannon Stacey for the second. They rawk!

**edited to add again, if you click on the picture, you can go vote for it at the lolcat site! (and read the comments that have been left)

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