Need to strike the words “so” and “totally” from my everyday conversation and typing. I use them a lot. “So” is my favorite sentence starter when I’m typing out a story here on the blog or a message board. Totally is apparently my favorite word just to use in general. I’ve noticed I use it in all sorts of situations.

The good thing is, I know I’m not alone. In nearly every book I edit, there’s always one word or action the author favors. Not necessarily through the whole book, but sometimes just in a couple pages. Recently I’ve seen the abuse of: hard (and it’s not just the things you might think of that were hard so get your mind outta that gutter), nodded (and by the way, nodded his/her head is redundant. Is there anything else you can nod?), turned, “pushed his/her fingers through his/her hair”, really, just (those two are common filler words). And there were an abundance of repeated adjectives. But that’s a whole other blog post.

So (oops, see how I am?), have you noticed any overused words in your writing lately?

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