I’ve been steadily wearing Josh down on the dog thing, poor guy. After we had to put Oliver to sleep, I had the puppy lust even more. When Oliver was alive, we knew that there was no way we could have a dog, because Oliver was grumpy and mean and hated dogs. It wouldn’t have been fair to him, the dogs or fun for us.

Last night we went to “look” at some puppies someone was giving away, and uh…well. Meet Reeses* and Heath.

Yes we got two. Yes, I am insane and yes, I think we’re going to need more puppy toys.

They’re 8 weeks old, border collie/beagle mix puppies. The people who had them still had both parents, along with two other dogs, plus they were keeping one of the puppies, they had two cats, a hamster and three kids. They liked animals.

I don’t think either of us intended to come away with one, let alone two. We really went to “look”. But once we saw how many dogs they’d been living with, we decided they’d be lonely on their own.

So far Brianna is thrilled, our cats (Max and Trish) not so much. Both puppies have peed on the carpet and eaten a ton of food.

Reeses is the darker one with the Rottweiler type coloring. He was the runt of the litter and that was actually what they named him.

Heath is the lighter one and was the little girl’s favorite(she was about 8 or 9). We renamed him to match Reeses.

Both are very social, very friendly and like to lay in laps. Let’s hope they don’t get much bigger than a beagle or that’s going to be a real issue.

The most challenging part of this is going to be getting them on a schedule, so I can get them potty trained and still get some work done. We’re going with the crate training method because really, I can’t imagine not crating them. My vet is closed Mondays and Tuesdays so that will be the next order of business, getting them there, and then I’m going to look into classes for the puppies and me to take.

click here to see more puppy cuteness on their Google Web Album. For those who saw this link before I posted it on my blog, I did add a few pictures.

Oh, and puppy advice is always welcome!

P.S. It needs to be said that my husband is the bomb-diggity.

*I know Reeses is spelled with an apostrophe but I thought that was weird for a dog’s name, so I’m not using it. I felt the need to put that out there because invariably, someone would be compelled to point out the editor’s misspelling.

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