No, I haven’t sent them back yet. Or gone to the doctor seeking medication for my apparent insanity. I did take them to the vet yesterday though for checkups and shots. They were unthrilled by that, to say the least. Both have fleas, both have umbilical hernias (which can be fixed when they get…errr…altered) and the vet apparently decided that since I’d already given him a crapload of money for Oliver, he was going to take pity on me and waive one of the $125 initial sign up fees for the Wellness plan (through Banfield pet hospital). And he gave me a free bottle of flea shampoo. I guess paying promptly and being a concerned pet owner scores points.

Potty training is…going. They know to potty when they go outside. It’s the getting outside part first that’s the challenge. Heath is learning to go to the gate to the kitchen (which leads to outside) and whine. Reeses wants nothing to do with outside. It’s cold. Crating them is helping with potty training though. We have been crating them together but starting today (well actually yesterday afternoon but I caved last night) I’ve been trying crating separately. I feel vaguely guilty about that, but everything I’ve read recommends it. It might actually be harder than doing CIO (cry it out) with a baby, though, because Reeses made enough noise for the 45 minutes to convince anyone walking by that I was burning him with a cigarette lighter. Seriously. Loud. And. Piercing. Every time I thought he was going to give in and go to sleep, he started up again. I don’t know how the other one (whose cage is right next to his) slept through it. And yes, after 45 minutes, I caved again. It was either that or hit the bottle. On a good note, earlier tongith Reeses went “missing” and I found him sleeping in his crate!

I did find out today that they’re actually 10 weeks, not 8 weeks as the people originally told us. I emailed to ask for their birth date and while they didn’t know it, they did say it was 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. That means 10 weeks.

Otherwise, their individual personalities are starting to show, they’re definitely puppies as they’re chewing on everything, and Heath has been wonderful for cleaning all the stray socks, gloves, and toys out from under the couches. He’s the more…energetic of the two and is going to be the hardest to get under control. Good thing for him he’s got that sad puppy face.

Funny enough, Reeses is the one we’d have gotten had we only gotten one and I think he’s the more low-key of the two. He’s the one that wants to do his outside business and bust a move to get back inside. But he’s also the one most likely to play quietly and least likely to wander off while exploring. Don’t think he’s all good though. He’s the puppy who always manages to grab a bite of the cat’s food on the way from the back door to the puppy play area (aka our living room).

Tuesday night I got some fleece and made them both a no-sew blanket for their crates and some fleece rope puppy toys. They are loving them some toys–small tennis balls, rope toys, and soft stuffed toys. They’re not interested in any bones though. And still, they chew on the stuff they’re not supposed to. Like the wheels of my laptop cart. Fun 😉

On a side note, I think it’s funny how a post on puppies brings lurkers to posting!

And since no post is complete without cute puppy pictures…Heath under the couch and Reeses on his new blanket (this pictures gives you a good shot of his eyes, which are very pretty)

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