A few weeks ago I talked about a quirk I have in regards to dialogue tags. This week, it’s two words. The end.

I’ve seen it twice in the past week. In the first book, the last paragraph is some spicy sex. The hero is plunging his cock into the heroine. And then I read… The End. Dude. What’d he do? Sex her to death? Gah. Once again we have a quirk that puts me instantly in mind of children’s books (such a nice imagery when combined with plunging cocks. Yikes). But actually, even most of Brianna’s books don’t have “the end” in them. And how many novels have you read lately that use it?

I don’t get “the end”. Okay, not only do I not get it, I pretty well dislike it. If you have to type “the end” to let your reader know the book is over, there’s a problem.

Do me a favor. Lose “the end”. You really don’t need it.

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