In the past two weeks, we’ve had some bad car luck at our house. Last week, I was rear ended while sitting at a stop light. What makes it worse is that the person who rear ended me was stopped. And then went. For some unexplained reason. Thankfully I drive an Explorer with a long hitch. The car that hit me took the damage, I got seemingly none (since there was little speed behind the impact). That same day, while driving Brianna to daycare, my passenger side door took on a mind of its own and swung open in mid turn. Eek!

This week, it was Josh’s car. The transmission went out. Yay us. Of course, it couldn’t happen say…down the block? Nooo. 30 minutes away. On a weird but happy coincidence, we’d had this old Porsche sitting in the driveway that was going to be a project car. But since we’re refinancing the house and don’t want the junkyard feel (there were three broken down cars in our one driveway) to decrease the value of the appraisal, we decided to work on clearing them out. So we had a gentleman coming down to pick up the Porsche. He had a trailer. And met Josh on the way and towed his car back to our house, so we didn’t have to pay for a two. Whew!

So we thought, getting rid of the Porsche, we’d be down to two broken down cars in the driveway. One is going to Salvation Army (it actually does run, just not well). But um, now we have a broken down Mustang instead. So one working car with one of us working 45 minutes away. That so doesn’t work.

The Mustang isn’t the best family car. Though Brianna LOVES driving in “Daddy’s red car” (because it has no backseat and no air bags so her carseat goes in the front seat when she has to ride with him). And now that it doesn’t work, it makes an even worse family car, don’t you think? Car shopping it is.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like the idea of car shopping but the actual execution of it…not so much. And it’s harder when you’re 1) not sure exactly what kind of car you’re shopping for (though the words Mini Cooper have been bandied about) and 2) shopping for a used car and 3) refinancing your house so in credit limbo. Plus, I think I was traumatized the last time we shopped and bought the Explorer, by the saleswoman who tried to take me hostage. She scared me.

Thus begins my poor husband’s frustration with me, where I want a “new” car to magically appear in my driveway without the looking, decision making or haggling over prices. Can’t I live in a world where that happens?

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