Last week we drafted a new letter for Samhain: a form rejection letter. Starting immediately (actually starting last week), that’s what we’ll be using rather than the personalized rejections we had mostly been sending out. So if you get a form rejection letter, don’t take it personally 😉 If you hate form rejection letters and wish we’d reconsider, we’re sorry but the fact is, personalized rejections take much, much, much more time to write than fitting in your name and book title on a form rejection, but the response we were getting wasn’t always gracious.

We’ve decided, in light of how much energy was being expended not only to write a personal rejection, but also in agonizing over some of the negative feedback we would sometimes get in response, that we needed to better utilize our editors’ valuable time elsewhere. There are never enough hours in the day, unfortunately. In the meantime, if you want feedback on your book from a Samhain editor, we do donate critiques to different RWA chapters and other organizations for auction and encourage you to watch for those.

And to all of those authors who have taken the time over the years to say “thank you” for the feedback rather than expounding on every way in which we were wrong…thanks. We do appreciate you.

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