I had a terrible day today. One of those days where I know I’m about 2 weeks behind in my schedule and I’m looking at my to-do list and hyperventilating. Knowing I won’t be able to concentrate on editing so I decide to concentrate on the 100 emails that need my attention (none of them easy emails but most with attachments) as well as a bunch of other things I need to do to catch up. But I’m so stressed that I can’t focus, so I start a task and then remember something else I have to do and get distracted and then remember I was trying to do something else. Back and forth. With that big ball of stress getting bigger in my stomach. Bleh. At the end of the day, despite working solid, I have 82 messages still flagged for attention and some need attention sooner rather than later. Tomorrow is another day.

But today, today is a day to be glad for my friends. That’s why it’s the double duty post. First it’s the birthday of one of the people who keeps me sane on days like this. Seriously, without her, I’d probably have gone absolutely insane by now and you’d all know how crazy I really am. She listens to me whine, bitch, moan and panic, so I don’t do it somewhere I really shouldn’t (like, anywhere in public). Thank God for her. Plus, she knows how much I hate the post office and doesn’t give me too hard a time about it (though I SWEAR that’s not why you don’t have your birthday present–this time :P). Thanks for being such an amazing friend to me every. single. day. Happy Birthday, Jaci Burton!

The second one is harder to write. Over three years ago I had Brianna. The first couple months after she was born were hard for me. Learning to breastfeed, dealing with the hormones, the lack of sleep, being in a town away from friends, and even worse, no mall. *gasp* But seriously, one day I went searching online for local playgroups and I found one! I joined sometime around December 2004 and three years later, some of the women that I first met in that group are my rock, my parenting support, and my playmates. The group has changed, members have come and gone, but some of the core members remain and I’m thankful for them. But this week, in just a few days, one of them, my friend Erin, is doing the unthinkable. Packing up and moving to another state. I’m pretty sure we all thought I’d be the one to go, I’ve been talking about it for awhile now.

The good thing is, we’re still going to have her online, because the group has an active forum. The bad news is, I’m not going to have her here, to join me for a round of drinks, karaoke and Justin.

Erin, a friend of mine once told me that when he looks at pictures of me, he hears my laugh. It was one of the nicest things I’d ever been told. But you know, I feel the same about you. When I think of you, see pictures of us together, I hear your laugh, hear your enthusiasm and vivaciousness as clearly as if you were sitting next to me. I’m going to miss being able to hear that at playdates and moms’ night out. It won’t be the same without you, and I miss you already. Thanks for being such a great support, a caring friend and a fun drinking buddy the past three years. Come back to visit soon, k?

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