Brianna has taken to telling everyone, “I have two dogs! I have Reesie and Heath!”

And I do mean everyone. Every time we check out at the store, she tells the cashier (Target, Walmart, random clothes stores, it doesn’t matter.) Stop to talk to someone? She tells them. Today it was a random lady in the doctor’s waiting room and then the nurse and then the doctor. Before too long, Brianna’s going to be known as The Girl with Two Dogs.

I did feel bad for the lady in the waiting room, though, because she made the mistake of engaging Brianna in conversation and thus got to hear a list of our pets, including that “Oliver went to cat heaven”.

And no, we haven’t gotten the idea of “stranger danger” quite impressed on her yet. Although Brianna does tell me that if someone tries to take her, she’ll yell really loudly. After she tells them she has two dogs, I’m sure.

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