I’m sick. I hate being sick because there’s no being home and taking a sick day. It just doesn’t work that easily when you work from home. Josh has been sick for a week. He was home last Wednesday and Thursday. Then Brianna was home Friday. They both seemed to be getting better over the weekend but then yesterday I started feeling bad so that, of course, means everyone else relapses (because there’s no wallowing in sickness for Mommy, you know).

It was a long night last night, Brianna woke up at 2:30 saying her ear hurt. I gave her some tylenol, she coughed for a few hours and then finally fell asleep and slept in about an hour later than she normally does. When she woke up, she seemed to feel fine, said her ear didn’t hurt so off to daycare she went. I, on the other hand, felt like crap. I’d finally stopped working to sack out on the couch and nap when daycare called. Brianna had woken up from her nap crying and saying her ear hurt. So I called the doctor, made an appointment (thank God they could fit us in for late in the day) and went to pick her up.

What’s really frustrating in all of this is that we’re FIVE days away from our new insurance kicking in. Five. Saturday. All we all needed to do was stay healthy for five more days. Three months we’ve been healthy, and in the past two weeks we’ve had to deal with an eye problem (and really expensive drops for me with no prescription insurance), and now this. Of course.

So I went, feeling like crap, to sit in the doctor office for an hour, waiting for them to see us for less than 5 minutes to tell me she has a slight ear infection (no! really?) which could resolve itself without meds. So here’s a prescription but don’t fill it unless she gets worse. Uh. Okay. Thanks. Glad I paid $70 for that.

Anyway, I’m ready for her not to be home “sick” anymore. Because except for being incredibly whiney (um, even more than usual) she sure doesn’t act sick. I think she’s got those daycare teachers totally figured out and is playing them.

Now I’m trying not to hack up one of my lungs and just praying that tomorrow, everyone will be back at work/school and I’ll wake up miraculously cured. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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